Hammock Camping: Make the Switch


When we think of camping most of picture a tent, maybe a tarp over said tent, some camping chairs and a campfire that is your stove for the duration of your time in the woods.  That’s Camping!

I am about to shake that up for you a bit.  Picture all of the above, remove the tent and throw in a hammock.  Its weird to think about but just hear me out!  I’m going to let you in on some reasons why making the switch will be worth it!

You will sleep better!  Believe me!

Our friends in Brazil have been sleeping in hammocks for centuries for good reason!  And nowadays there is modern science backing up what they have known all along. According to Dr. Steven Park, a head and neck surgeon and member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and author of “Sleep, Interrupted” says the most healthy sleeping position is laying on your back, your head elevated about 10 – 30 percent.  Now think about the position of your body in a hammock.  Seems to line up with that description don’t you think!  Not to mention the instant relaxed feeling we get from the sway of a hammock.  If you still don’t believe me allow me to share with you that a lot of us here at Byer have hammocks in our homes that are slept in!  When our President travels to Brazil he is sleeping in a hammock, not because thats the only option but because its the BETTER option!

Our advice, if you have never tried sleeping in a hammock, try it at home first before taking it to a remote area and discovering that its just not going to work.  A few trial nights will give you a sense of the most comfortable position and if it is actually a possibility for you to be comfy and cozy in the woods!

Lighten the Load!

Probably one of the most obvious benefits to hammock camping is the shear fact that a hammock is smaller then a tent.  Which means there is more room for the other essentials like food, or maybe a cold beverage or two.  It also means that when the trip is over and your just ready to get back to the luxurious real world, or not…pack up is that much quicker.  Its an easy and lightweight set up, you can’t go wrong.

Again, we recommend setting it up before you go just in case you realize you might need something while your out there!

Enjoy the Hang.

Hanging is just…BETTER!  Imagine not having to worry about what is underneath you.  No more avoiding tree stumps or trying to position yourself around a rock digging into your back only to find another rock digging into your thigh.  Imagine waking up in the morning DRY!  No more concerns about water, you floating above it!

While some of you may be concerned about finding suitable trees to hang from it is almost guaranteed that finding two trees is easier then finding level ground with no obstructions that could hinder your sleep.

As said previously, we do recommend a backyard campout before heading into the deep woods in your hammock!  We can’t stress this enough.  We also would like to tell you not to give up if your first night is a little rough.  Do your research and find a camping solution that works for you!  There are lots of ways to make your hammock accommodating enough to essentially live out of it for a few days!

We have come up with a bundle of products to get you started on your Hammock Camping Adventures!  Check it out here.  It is only available for a limited time!

The Las Vegas Market 2017

vegas-martIt has certainly been a busy January for Byer of Maine and we are ringing in the new year with some exciting news!

Afterimg_20170123_103159722 spending last week at America’s Mart in Atlanta, we have travelled this week the the Las Vegas Market at the Las Vegas World Market Center in Las Vegas.  It is the most comprehensive Trade Show in the West for gifts, home decor and furniture.  This is our first year attending the show!

We are so honored to have been given the Best Booth Design Award
in the Casal Furniture Category at the show.  The award is given to the top 4 exhibitors in the category.   The award is based on 4 criteria which are, overall visual design, creative merchandising, cohesive brand messaging and the overall personality of the booth and sales staff.  We are so excited to have this honor our first year at the show!

We also want to take a moment to congratulate our fellow winners in the Furniture Category, Edgemod Furniture, IDO Furniture Co., Ltd. and Phu Tai J.S. Company.

To learn more about the Las Vegas Market and the award, click here!

Mail Bag: Answering 3 Burning Questions, Vol. 3

mailbox_05We know, we know, its been awhile since our last mailbag discussion here at thebyerblog.com.  Please accept our apologies and rejoice in the return of the infamous Byer of Maine Mail Bag!  It is our hope that you find the information here useful as questions about our products and company arise!  Now lets get to it!

Question 1: What does hanging point mean?

We get this question often and lots of times it can be a confusing and not a rock solid explanation so let us explain.  Simply put the hanging point of a hammock is the distance between the two points where you plan to hang your hammock!  The complication comes into play when a hammock description states a hanging point that may vary.  For example, some of our hammocks, the woven hammocks to be specific, are handmade and tied which means that there can be a variation in length, by a whole 12 inches.  The good news is as long as you have two points that are at least in the ballpark of the hanging range your hammock will be very comfortable.  Length can always be added!  We also have solutions for those who may not have enough length, our Madera Stand for example is a stand that only needs one fixed hanging point, like a tree, and the stand can be put where ever you need it to get the best hang for your comfort and hammock.

We also recommend revisiting this old blog post, how to hang a hammock, with further hanging tips and instructions!

Question 2: Can I order replacement parts?

Why yes!  Yes, you can!  We have replacement parts for most of our line, past and present!  You can order replacement parts by calling our office directly, we do not sell the replacement parts online.  From cot covers down to hammock stand hardware we probably have it!  A word of advice, make sure you have the measurements for your cots when you call, there are several different sizes and we need to make sure we get the correct one to you!  When in doubt, about which part you need, email us a photo to comfort@byerofmaine.com and we can figure out exactly what you need!

Question 3: Do you ship internationally?

As of now, no.  But, we are hard at work trying to find a solution!  However, to our friends in Canada, please call us directly to place your order and we can ship to you!  To keep up to date with the developments in shipping sign up for our newsletter so you will be the first to know!

That’s it!  Answers to the 3 of the most burning questions from the past few months!  As always, please feel free to email us at comfort@byerofmaine.com with any questions, comments or concerns!

National Hammock Day 2016


The time has come to once again celebrate our most favorite piece of outdoor furniture, the Hammock.  National Hammock Day has arrived!!  It is just one of the 365 days that make up the year but it is by far, our most favorite.  It is a day where the hammocks in our backyards can be used without the feeling guilty for putting the To Do list, that seems to be longer then your arm, to the wayside for just 15 minutes of solitude.  It is a day where we can gather with our hammocking friends and see how many hammocks we can stack in between the perfect trees in the park.  It is a day we can all take a moment to relax and enjoy the most comfortable beds in the World, the hammock.


The origins of the hammock date back 1,000 years ago to Central America where the Mayans and other indigenous people weaved them using plant fibers and tree bark.  In todays world, there is a whole culture based around a hammock.  Hammmocking has become a way to create community with events around the country brining like minded hammocking individuals together to sway away an afternoon.  There is also a large group of individuals who now use hammocks instead of tents on camping and hiking expeditions.  Using hammocks as opposed to tents give campers and hikers a lighter load as well as making a less of an impact on the environment.

To continue on with a Byer of Maine traditions, here are this years best National Hammock Day events to ensure you make the most of this special day!

1) National Hammock Day Party, Spruce Street Harbor Park, Philadelphia

Once again, Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philadelphia is throwing a hammock party!  The Univest/Valley Green Bank (SSHP) is hosting this years National Hammock Day Party presented by our friends at Hayneedle.com

There will be a DJ, ice cold beverages and giveaways!  8 hammocks will be given away, one every half hour and you will also have the chance to win a reservation in one of the private hammock lounges which are new the the park this year.

We can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night!

2)  Sway Day 2016, Island Park in Fargo, North Dakota

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper National Hammock Day without Sway Day 2016!  Hosted by the wonderful folks at the Hammock Initiative.  Sway Day is a celebration of the most relaxing day of the year!  Be there by 5:30 p.m to participate in breaking the regions record for most people hanging in a hammock!

Buy your Sway Day tickets here.  And, as a bonus, the paid ticket comes with a limited edition Hammock Initiative hat, which are really pretty awesome!

They guys and gals at Hammock Initiative are creating a Sway movement around the country!  Join them tomorrow!

3) Your Backyard

As always, an obvious choice to celebrate this day is the place you feel most relaxed, your home!  Take a few minutes (or a whole lot of minutes) today to get some fresh air and relax.  We give you permission!

Celebrating Earth Day!

Paradiso Hammock Sunset-M

April 22, 2016 marks the 46th Earth Day!!  A day to celebrate the Earth and environment.  A day to do some good to make a big impact on the future of our planet.  Here at Byer of Maine we are so proud of the little ways we contribute to make our carbon footprint a little bit smaller.

Brazilian Hammocks

Our Brazilian Hammocks are made traditionally in Brazil.  They are handwoven and are all made from 85% recycled cotton fiber.  This is one of the reasons we like to say they are “as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans” because, quite frankly, they are!  If you have never spent an afternoon in a Brazilian cotton hammock we recommend doing so immediately!  Our Barbados (our signature Brazilian hammock), the Paradiso and Gigante hammocks, as well as the Brazil Hammock Chairs are not only beautiful but produced sustainably by the people of Brazil.  They are beautiful additions to your corner of the planet, also known as your backyard.

Mango Birding Products

chickadee mango fly through feeder

    A few years ago we added beautiful wooden bird homes and feeders to our Byer Birding line.  Our Mango Tree Collection is turned from the trunks of mango trees at a small artisanal factory near Chiangmai,  Thailand.  The mango trees produce fruit for 10 to 15 years and at the end of their productive lives the wood is harvested and new trees planted.  The wood is repurposed into our beautiful homes and feeders.  Even the wood shavings are used in the kilns to dry the turnings before finishing.  That drying imparts a sweet smoky aroma that soon dissipates, but is delightful to enjoy when they are first opened for use.  This unique and beautiful collection will provide an attractive addition to your home and garden and a wonderful place for the birds!

We hope you take a moment today to celebrate this beautiful planet of ours and make small changes that will make a big impact on the future.  Enjoy your Earth Day and take a moment to relax the Brazilian way!

Introducing the NEW Micro Straps!

The time has coMicrostrap POSme to announce another new product as part of our line of hammocks and accessories!  Say hello the the new Micro Strap Hanging System!!

We are so excited to be adding these tree friendly and lightweight straps to our line of products.  The straps are one inch thick and 9 feet long to allow for ample room to adjust the hang of any hammock.  The straps feature strong box stitching and cross stitching creating a secure and strong system.  A Custom Aluminum clew bar and secure and easy to adjust buckle allow for easy and quick adjustment and set up.  At only 14 ounces the straps are still lightweight and easy to carry while hiking and hammock camping, all while providing a weight capacity of 440 lbs.  The Micro Straps are perfect to use with any hammock, lightweight or in the backyard.

Have a look for yourself here!  We hope you like them as much as we do!