NO STRESS SOLUTION: EasyCot From Byer Of Maine

EasyCot logo closeup-MYou’re busy.

You’re stressing about shopping lists, cranberry sauce and the seating arrangements at the Thanksgiving table. After all, everybody knows that your brother-in-law and crazy Uncle Bill can’t sit within earshot of one another without a bare-knuckles brawl breaking out right there in the mashed potatoes.

The last thing you’ve had time to think about at all is where everyone is going to sleep.

Sigh… What to do… What to do….

In the interest of full disclosure: We don’t know what your nephew wants for Christmas, and we never really concocted a cranberry sauce recipe that worked. As for Uncle Bill, well a little extra pumpkin pie on the plate works wonders for people’s moods.

One thing you don’t have to stress about, though, is how you’re going to sleep 10 people in seven beds. We do have a solution for that: The EasyCot from Byer of Maine. Often imitated, never duplicated. And as easy to set up as the name suggests.

Remove it from the bag, unfold it and hit the rack. No loose parts to lose, no worrying easy_cot_diagramabout how you’re going to to have time to set up three cots AND baste the turkey in a single afternoon. The EasyCot sets up in less than 60 seconds.

The EasyCot is wide enough at over two and a half feet to provide ample room for a comfortable night’s sleep; at the same time, it’s not so wide that it won’t conveniently fit wherever you need it to when you’re crowded for space while setting up shop in a small corner of the guest room.

And because it’s six and a half feet long and will support up to 325 pounds, it’s roomy enough for Uncle Bill — whether you force-feed him that extra piece of pumpkin pie or not.

Crafted from welded steel legs, heavy polyester and multiple fabric reinforcements, the EasyCot is strong enough to withstand the test of time and last not only through this holiday season, but through a lifetime of holiday seasons to come.

See that? We just alleviated a little of that stress that was piling up.

Now we’ll go see about finding a good cranberry sauce recipe for you, too.


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