Our two popular lines of bird homes and feeders –the Alcyon Bird Homes and the Mango Tree Collection — come from parts of the world where handcrafting porcelain and mango tree wood are art forms.

The Alcyon homes are produced at Dehua in Fugian Province China, a small city where quality porcelain has been a tradition since the 14th century. Likewise, the Mango Tree Collection come from mango trees — which stop producing fruit after a 10-15-year life cycle. In Thailand, the trees are then harvested for their dense and beautiful wood, which is hand-turned by artisans and dried in kilns fueled by mango wood shavings. 

All of the products in the Byer Birding line are good for the birds — aimed at giving the birds access to food while offering a safe haven from predators. We believe you’ll enjoy the beautiful artwork that are our bird homes, feeders and baths as much as the birds enjoy their thoughtful construction.

Alcyon Feeder with hummingbird-L Alcyon Feeder, Cobalt Blue, in tree 2-M DSC_6645-L DSC02142-MDSCF3846-L IMG_5046-L IMG_5071-L Mango FlyThrough Orange with Chickadee-L Mango Helmet Green-L Mango Natural both sizes-M Mango Primitive Bird Home-L

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