#CyberMonday Cot Sale

Cyber Monday bannerThe turkey is stuffed — and you’re flat-out stuffed on turkey, too. Black Friday came and went in a haze fueled by Starbucks and tryptophan. You got a big head start on the Christmas shopping list, complete with the new Space Shuttle Fire Truck Police Captain Martian action figure you’re nephew put on his list for Santa.

The one thing you haven’t had any time to think about at all is where you’re going to have the in-laws sleep once they descend upon your house like a small army of plague-carrying fire ants in a few weeks.

Well, thank heavens for Cyber Monday.

At Byer of Maine, we offer a complete line of cots that offer affordable, durable and facebook logocomfortable quality bedding. Our cots are strong and lightweight, and they come in a number of different models to suit your individual needs — whether it’s for extra sleeping space in your home, taking with you on a camping trip, or packing for an extended hike.

This Cyber Monday — TODAY ONLY — we’re offering 25% off all of our cots when you buy them directly online through byerofmaine.com. To get the coupon code to receive the discount, go to our Facebook page, like us and grab the code to use at checkout on our website.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to make your crazy Uncle Bill sleep out in his car again. Well, unless you really want to.

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