MAILBAG: Answering 3 Burning Questions

mailbox_05You’re asking, and we’re answering.

Winter seems to have an interminable grip on the northeastern part of the United States, but that doesn’t mean that spring isn’t right around the corner. (I know, I know. The calendar suggests that spring is already here, having arrived on Thursday — though the thermometer and more than half a foot of snow that fell across Maine that morning suggest otherwise.)

Because we’re so close to warmer days and summer events, we’re seeing lots of you getting ready by getting your hands on new gear and giving some of what you already have a much-needed freshening up.

Naturally, we field lots of questions from people at this time of year. Here are three of the most common:

How do I hang my hammock?

This is not as difficult as the novice might think. If you’re using a hammock stand, the stand is already set with hanging points at the right height and distance.


If you’re looking for a more traditional spot — utilizing a couple of trees in the woods, for instance — it can be trickier. To borrow from hammock guru Derek Hansen

(@TheUltimateHang), there’s a great graphic he’s created that outlines virtually every consideration you have to make for just the right experience.

To see Derek’s guide, CLICK HERE.

moskito kakoon fieldWhat is the difference between the Moskito Traveller hammock and the new Moskito Kakoon hammock?

Both are our venture into a camping hammock with mosquito netting, though the Moskito Traveller has been discontinued. That’s because the Moskito Kakoon is the new and improved big brother, with a few notable design changes cultivated from field testing and customer feedback.

The most obvious difference is the Kakoon’s inclusion of flexible fiberglass rods to support the netting. Not only was that change made for comfort — the spreader bars keep the net from collapsing on you — but some other changes were made to add to the Kakoon’s overall performance.

Elastic tabs holding the guy line which supports the netting are stronger, while the parachute nylon keeps the hammock itself incredibly light for for the hammock camping crowd. Narrow-panel construction places an emphasis on comfort during a full night’s sleep. The full-length fabric construction provides durability over the long haul.

Best yet, even with all of the improvements, size hasn’t been compromised. The hammock still folds neatly and packs easily into any backpack or duffle bag.

Can I get a replacement cover for my cot?

Yes, you absolutely can.

We supply replacement fabric (covers) for all of our cots — from our traditional cots like EasyCot logo closeup-Mthe Maine Military Cot and the Allagash Plus Cot to the EasyCot and the TriLite Cot. In order to inquire about getting a replacement, all you have to do is E-mail us or call us at (800) 338-0580.

If you are E-mailing, it’s important to always include a few clear digital images of the cot and any damage in your E-mail — not because we don’t trust you, but because a number of our cots have undergone small model changes over the years. Images will help us make sure we have the correct size and version of the cover that you need.

Have questions about anything produced by Byer of Maine? Email us or leave a question on our Facebook page.

— TB

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