EARTH DAY: Quality That Goes Green

barbadosmain2The most comfortable hammock on the market, AND it’s good for the environment? Sign me up!

As Earth Day once again rolls around here (April 22, for those of you scoring at home), we’re reminded of the story of the Barbados hammock and one of its most important characteristics. Not only is the Barbados our signature Brazilian hammock — in seven unique and vibrant color options — but it’s what it’s made from that really sets apart.

Our Brazilian hammocks — including the Barbados, Paradiso and Gigante hammocks, as well as the Brazil Hammock Chairs — are all made from 85% recycled cotton fiber. It’s not just about being green or giving back to the environment, despite both being noble concepts and the right things to do. It’s actually a significant part of why our Brazilian hammocks are as “comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.”

The fabric is comfortable, breathable and stretches for maximum comfort, while retaining its structural integrity. Its colors remain lively throughout the life of the hammock, and the blend of cotton and polyester are designed to give the hammock many seasons of use.

So when you’re thinking about relaxing in your backyard, your own little corner of the planet, and want to know that you’re making a choice that’s cognizant of both quality and being good for the earth, look no further than our Brazilian hammocks.

Better yet — in celebration of Earth Day, get 20% off all Barbados and Paradiso hammocks, as well as all Brazil Hammock Chairs from now through April 27.

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— TB

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