Its that time of year…

The time has come to put away all of summer toys, including your hammocks.  We wanted to give you a few tips to help assure that your hammock last through the winter so you can enjoy your favorite backyard spot next year.

Tip #1 – Hang them inside.

It is tempting to roll your hammock into a ball and throw it into the storage shed.  Now imagine all of the critters looking for a place to keep warm during the winter months.  One of them will be lucky enough to stumble upon your hammock.  A balled up hammock is the perfect spot to nest for the winter which means you could find your hammock with holes and chewed strings when spring time rolls around.  Your best bet is to hang the hammock up.  Now we encourage you to use your hammock year round but, lets face it, not everyones living room has the room for Brazilian relaxation in the winter so just make sure your hammock is not an inviting ball of coziness for potential winter renters.

Tip #2 – Make sure they are dry.

This one seems pretty obvious but just to reiterate make sure your hammock is dry and clean.  Problems such as mold could occur and thats no fun.  We recommend hand washing your hammock before you tuck it away to assure all the dirt, mud or other potential issues are taken care of.  This especially applies to our lightweight hammocks.  You would never dream of putting away a wet tent, you hammock should exactly the same.

Tip #3 – Store in secure dry area.

To further ensure you hammock does not fall victim to rodents this winter we recommend keeping it out of storage sheds or garages.  Basements are best but if that is not an option we do condone rolling the hammock into a ball and placing it in a closet.

If your ropes are tangled when you put it away it will be a frustrating scenario on the first sunny day of spring to have to untangle them.  The best way to do this is to lay the hammock flat on the ground.  This will allow you to see where the ropes are tangled and the best method to untangle them.  There will be a lot of twisting and flipping but it will all be worth it to keep your hammock in good shape.

If you have any other tips on how you put you hammocks away for the year we would love to hear from you!  We hope wherever you spend the winter months that they are full of adventure and happiness.

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