Mail Bag: Answering 3 Burning Questions, Vol. 3

mailbox_05We know, we know, its been awhile since our last mailbag discussion here at  Please accept our apologies and rejoice in the return of the infamous Byer of Maine Mail Bag!  It is our hope that you find the information here useful as questions about our products and company arise!  Now lets get to it!

Question 1: What does hanging point mean?

We get this question often and lots of times it can be a confusing and not a rock solid explanation so let us explain.  Simply put the hanging point of a hammock is the distance between the two points where you plan to hang your hammock!  The complication comes into play when a hammock description states a hanging point that may vary.  For example, some of our hammocks, the woven hammocks to be specific, are handmade and tied which means that there can be a variation in length, by a whole 12 inches.  The good news is as long as you have two points that are at least in the ballpark of the hanging range your hammock will be very comfortable.  Length can always be added!  We also have solutions for those who may not have enough length, our Madera Stand for example is a stand that only needs one fixed hanging point, like a tree, and the stand can be put where ever you need it to get the best hang for your comfort and hammock.

We also recommend revisiting this old blog post, how to hang a hammock, with further hanging tips and instructions!

Question 2: Can I order replacement parts?

Why yes!  Yes, you can!  We have replacement parts for most of our line, past and present!  You can order replacement parts by calling our office directly, we do not sell the replacement parts online.  From cot covers down to hammock stand hardware we probably have it!  A word of advice, make sure you have the measurements for your cots when you call, there are several different sizes and we need to make sure we get the correct one to you!  When in doubt, about which part you need, email us a photo to and we can figure out exactly what you need!

Question 3: Do you ship internationally?

As of now, no.  But, we are hard at work trying to find a solution!  However, to our friends in Canada, please call us directly to place your order and we can ship to you!  To keep up to date with the developments in shipping sign up for our newsletter so you will be the first to know!

That’s it!  Answers to the 3 of the most burning questions from the past few months!  As always, please feel free to email us at with any questions, comments or concerns!

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