Introducing the New and Improved Easy Traveller!

2016 is shaping up to be a year full of exciting new products here at Byer of Maine.  From improvements to our line of Hammocks to new and exciting birding products and cots, we certainly have a lot in store for you this year!_MG_9591

I want to take this opportunity to introduce to you the new and improved Easy Traveller!  Made with the same durable parachute nylon as the previous Easy Traveller, the new version is triple stitched for improved durability which in turn changed the weight limit from 250 pounds to 275 pounds.

One of the biggest improvements with this version is the placement of the seams which have made the hammock more comfortable.  We widened the center panel by eliminating the seam that previously cut into your shoulder blade.  This simple change has immensely improved the comfort of our Easy Traveller!  We have also made it lighterMicrostrap POS, weighing in at 13 oz and we gave it a smaller stuff sack.

Along with the new Easy Traveller we have developed a new hanging system.  We are very excited to introduce our Micro strap Hanging system!  A tree friendly strap system that weighs only 14 oz.  The custom aluminum clew bar fits any hammock and it pairs perfectly with our lightweight hammocks!  Visit your local dealer
to see first hand the Micro Strap Hanging system and the Easy Traveller!

This is just the beginning of a long list of product introductions and improvements that will be announced as Spring slowly arrives We are so proud of what we have come up with and think you will really enjoy what we have in store!


Its that time of year…

The time has come to put away all of summer toys, including your hammocks.  We wanted to give you a few tips to help assure that your hammock last through the winter so you can enjoy your favorite backyard spot next year.

Tip #1 – Hang them inside.

It is tempting to roll your hammock into a ball and throw it into the storage shed.  Now imagine all of the critters looking for a place to keep warm during the winter months.  One of them will be lucky enough to stumble upon your hammock.  A balled up hammock is the perfect spot to nest for the winter which means you could find your hammock with holes and chewed strings when spring time rolls around.  Your best bet is to hang the hammock up.  Now we encourage you to use your hammock year round but, lets face it, not everyones living room has the room for Brazilian relaxation in the winter so just make sure your hammock is not an inviting ball of coziness for potential winter renters.

Tip #2 – Make sure they are dry.

This one seems pretty obvious but just to reiterate make sure your hammock is dry and clean.  Problems such as mold could occur and thats no fun.  We recommend hand washing your hammock before you tuck it away to assure all the dirt, mud or other potential issues are taken care of.  This especially applies to our lightweight hammocks.  You would never dream of putting away a wet tent, you hammock should exactly the same.

Tip #3 – Store in secure dry area.

To further ensure you hammock does not fall victim to rodents this winter we recommend keeping it out of storage sheds or garages.  Basements are best but if that is not an option we do condone rolling the hammock into a ball and placing it in a closet.

If your ropes are tangled when you put it away it will be a frustrating scenario on the first sunny day of spring to have to untangle them.  The best way to do this is to lay the hammock flat on the ground.  This will allow you to see where the ropes are tangled and the best method to untangle them.  There will be a lot of twisting and flipping but it will all be worth it to keep your hammock in good shape.

If you have any other tips on how you put you hammocks away for the year we would love to hear from you!  We hope wherever you spend the winter months that they are full of adventure and happiness.

Introducing the Traveller Hanging Chair!

Its here!!  We are proud to introduce to you the latest addition to the Byer of Maine product  line, the Traveller Hanging Chair!

IMG_3318The Traveller Hanging Chair is made of uncoated and breathable nylon and is reinforced with double stitching and stress points. Its lightweight aluminum shock corded poles, an aluminum thimble and a strong polyester hanging system allow
for easy setup and can be hung just about anywhere. In addition there are no knots to tie! With a deep seating contour and an adjustable foot rest the chair is very comfortable and can also be adjusted forward and backward. The chair comes with its own compact storage bag and weighs in at a mere 31 ounces.

It is a great addition to our lightweight hammock line.  It is our first compact and lightweight hanging chair that can be taken anywhere.  We are so excited to bring this product to you!  It is now available at!

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BUGGING OUT: The Permethrin Alternative

In honor of #tbt we decided to repost a blog about a question that has been coming up in recent days about our Moskito Hammock. There is in fact a way to make your Moskito even more protected from those pesky bugs.

Maine Heritage & World Value

moskito2_1Remember last summer?

You were lying in your Moskito Traveller hammock in your favorite vacation spot, watching the sun rise over the lake and thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to get up from this spot.” Upon closer inspection, on the other side of the mesh netting, you see a small army of mosquitoes and black flies swarming and think to yourself, “I really don’t want to get up from this spot.”

The insect-repelling mesh netting on our Moskito camping hammocks brings a certain type of security — a bug-free night’s rest. What our netting doesn’t do is kill insects or provide any additional insect repellent.

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Behind the Scenes – Globo Hanging Chairs

Recently our President Jay took a trip to Nowy Targ, Poland to visit the factory that the Globo Hanging Chairs are built.  Nowy Targ is a town in Southern Poland with a population of 34,000.  In the past, Nowy Targ has been known for the manufacturing of shoes, but with the growth of the shoe industry in other parts of the world, the industry declined.  The factory where the Globo’s are manufactured was previously a shoe factory and employs about 30 craftsman.  These craftsman are responsible for manufacturing not only our Globo line of products but also our Olymp hammock stand and Atlas chair stand.

The factory in Newy Targ is also FSC Certified.  FSC Certification means that all of the wood used on the products produced came from a well managed forest that provides environmental, social and economic benefits.  These forest are managed responsibly with the environment in mind when it comes to harvesting.

The quality of the products coming from the craftsman in Poland has been flawless.  The products are weather resistant, durable and beautiful.  They are enthusiastic about working with us and we are looking forward to future development of new products.

Here are a few photos from the trip!  Enjoy!DSCF1288 DSCF1410 IMG_3978 IMG_3987 DSCF1358IMG_4006

Sit Back, Relax and Unwind, Happy National Hammock Day!

Paradiso Hammock Sunset-M365 days a year there seems to be some obscure thing to celebrate.  We hear them on the radio every morning, see them all through social media and even celebrate a few that we feel passionate about (National Pancake Day anyone?).  The origins of the National (insert something completely random here) Day calendar seems to be unknown.  I mean lets be honest, who started National Rice Pudding Day, you either love it or despise it.  But, who can complain about a day encouraging folks to sit back and relax in one of the worlds most comfortable, portable and versatile hanging beds?  Not me!

The origins of the hammock date back 1,000 years ago to Central America where the Mayans and other indigenous people weaved them using plant fibers and tree bark.  In todays world, there is a whole culture based around a hammock.  Hammmocking has become a way to create community with events around the country brining like minded hammocking individuals together to sway away an afternoon.  There is also a large group of individuals who now use hammocks instead of tents on camping and hiking expeditions.  Using hammocks as opposed to tents give campers and hikers a lighter load as well as making a less of an impact on the environment.

If you are new to celebrating National Hammock Day I wanted to share some unique ways to celebrate across the country.

1) National Hammock Day Party, Spruce Street Harbor Park, Philadelphia

Philadelphia is throwing an impressive hammock party tonight from 4 pm to 8 pm at Spruce Street Harbor Park.  There will be music, food, beverages and a whole lot of swaying!  Honestly, I wish I could participate in this one.

2)  Sway Day, Lake Nokomis, Minneapollis

Back on May 30, 2015 SwayDay took over Fargo.  This time it is headed to Minneapolis for a Sway Day celebrating National Hammock Day on Lake Nokomis from 4 pm to 7 pm  This is a BYOH (Bring Your Own Hammock) event that is sure to please!

3)  UF Hammock Club Hammock Day Gathering, Plaza of the Americas, Gainsville, FL

University of Florida Hammock Club (where was this when I was in college?) is celebrating National Hammock Day with a gathering from 10 am to 1 pm.  They plan to relax the afternoon away and create some memories in the hot Florida sun.

4) Your backyard, Anywhere

If you prefer the a less social way to relax or, like us being in the deep woods of Northern Maine, simply can not get to one of these events, check your backyard.  Do you have a hammock?  Do you need a hammock (we can help with that,  Get out there with your favorite book, the beverage of your choice and maybe a comfy blanket or pillow and just relax.

Whether you have the whole day to celebrate (sick day anyone?) or an evening to spare a few minutes, I encourage you to sway in a hammock today and celebrate another obscure but really awesome National Day of Celebrating.