Celebrating Earth Day!

Paradiso Hammock Sunset-M

April 22, 2016 marks the 46th Earth Day!!  A day to celebrate the Earth and environment.  A day to do some good to make a big impact on the future of our planet.  Here at Byer of Maine we are so proud of the little ways we contribute to make our carbon footprint a little bit smaller.

Brazilian Hammocks

Our Brazilian Hammocks are made traditionally in Brazil.  They are handwoven and are all made from 85% recycled cotton fiber.  This is one of the reasons we like to say they are “as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans” because, quite frankly, they are!  If you have never spent an afternoon in a Brazilian cotton hammock we recommend doing so immediately!  Our Barbados (our signature Brazilian hammock), the Paradiso and Gigante hammocks, as well as the Brazil Hammock Chairs are not only beautiful but produced sustainably by the people of Brazil.  They are beautiful additions to your corner of the planet, also known as your backyard.

Mango Birding Products

chickadee mango fly through feeder

    A few years ago we added beautiful wooden bird homes and feeders to our Byer Birding line.  Our Mango Tree Collection is turned from the trunks of mango trees at a small artisanal factory near Chiangmai,  Thailand.  The mango trees produce fruit for 10 to 15 years and at the end of their productive lives the wood is harvested and new trees planted.  The wood is repurposed into our beautiful homes and feeders.  Even the wood shavings are used in the kilns to dry the turnings before finishing.  That drying imparts a sweet smoky aroma that soon dissipates, but is delightful to enjoy when they are first opened for use.  This unique and beautiful collection will provide an attractive addition to your home and garden and a wonderful place for the birds!

We hope you take a moment today to celebrate this beautiful planet of ours and make small changes that will make a big impact on the future.  Enjoy your Earth Day and take a moment to relax the Brazilian way!

MAILBAG: Answering 3 Burning Questions, Vol. 2

mailbox_05You’re asking, and we’re answering. (Again.)

In the latest installment of the semi-regular, often-imitated and never duplicated segment of The Mailbag, we’re back answering three of the most burning questions you have. We have a diverse line of products — from hammocks and hanging chairs to bird homes and folding cots, from lightweight gear to wooden folding furniture.

Coming off one of the busiest summers in our 130-year history here at Byer (THANK YOU for all of your support!), we remain committed to our goal of unparalleled customer service and support. So, without further ado, off to the mailbag…

What’s the difference between a Brazilian hammock and a Brazilian-style one?

On the surface, not a whole heck of a lot. A Brazilian-style hammock is a traditional hammock without a wooden spreader bar at either end — a gentle, U-shaped hammock that flattens out naturally when you lie diagonally across its width. Continue reading

The 2016-2017 Byer of Maine Catalogs

Our entire product line for 2016-2017 is included in four different catalogs this year.

To view the catalogs, please click on the one that interests you to download the corresponding PDF file:

For Amazonas Hammocks & Hanging Chairs: Hammocks and Hanging Chairs

For Byer Cots & Camp Furniture: Cots and Camping

For Byer Birding: Byer Birding

For Globo Products: Globo Hanging Chairs

SPRING CLEANING: The Definitive How-To Guide

Had an interesting question from a relative recently, inquiring about the two small metal pins on the edge of our Mango Tree bird homes. It got me thinking: There must be others out there that don’t realize the pins are removable.

Simply put, the pins are there to facilitate annual cleaning of the bird homes.

Here’s how they work: Continue reading

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: What You Can Expect From Byer Of Maine

This photo was sent to us by Ashlyn in California, who has really come to love her Easy Traveller Hammock.

This photo was sent to us by Ashlyn in California, who has really come to love her Easy Traveller Hammock.

We received a great email from Clark in Michigan last week and thought it was worth passing on. Owner of a pair of our TriLite Cots for several years, the cots’ covers had recently started to come apart — so we sent him two replacements.

“We’re ready to go camping again this summer!” Clark wrote to us. “I appreciate you standing behind your product. I’ll tell anyone who cares to know that I think your cots are comfortable and you folks are great to work with when things aren’t quite right. Have a great coming year.”

Sure, you’ve stumbled upon this post and are thinking to yourself that this reads like shameless self-promotion. And, in the interest of full disclosure, that’s probably a little bit true. But the story behind the story illustrates a much larger picture.

We take customer service — nay, customer satisfaction — seriously. Very seriously. Continue reading

MAILBAG: Answering Your 3 Most Burning Questions

mailbox_05Look no further.

There’s no reason to travel all the way to the Four Corners to flip a coin. You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers all bundled up nice and neat right here. In today’s edition of the mailbag — the first edition, for those of you scoring at home — we’re talking hammocks, cots and bird homes.

Here are three of the most frequently asked questions from the Byer of Maine community at large. With answers!

Can I leave my hammock outside?

This might not actually be the “most frequently asked question” about hammocks, so I’ve already failed to deliver on what was promised above. That honor goes to “How do I hang my hammock?” — but that question was already answered in a previous blog post.

People do want to know, however, if it’s copacetic to leave their hammocks outside for any length of time.  Continue reading