BUGGING OUT: The Permethrin Alternative

In honor of #tbt we decided to repost a blog about a question that has been coming up in recent days about our Moskito Hammock. There is in fact a way to make your Moskito even more protected from those pesky bugs.

Maine Heritage & World Value

moskito2_1Remember last summer?

You were lying in your Moskito Traveller hammock in your favorite vacation spot, watching the sun rise over the lake and thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to get up from this spot.” Upon closer inspection, on the other side of the mesh netting, you see a small army of mosquitoes and black flies swarming and think to yourself, “I really don’t want to get up from this spot.”

The insect-repelling mesh netting on our Moskito camping hammocks brings a certain type of security — a bug-free night’s rest. What our netting doesn’t do is kill insects or provide any additional insect repellent.

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Behind the Scenes – Globo Hanging Chairs

Recently our President Jay took a trip to Nowy Targ, Poland to visit the factory that the Globo Hanging Chairs are built.  Nowy Targ is a town in Southern Poland with a population of 34,000.  In the past, Nowy Targ has been known for the manufacturing of shoes, but with the growth of the shoe industry in other parts of the world, the industry declined.  The factory where the Globo’s are manufactured was previously a shoe factory and employs about 30 craftsman.  These craftsman are responsible for manufacturing not only our Globo line of products but also our Olymp hammock stand and Atlas chair stand.

The factory in Newy Targ is also FSC Certified.  FSC Certification means that all of the wood used on the products produced came from a well managed forest that provides environmental, social and economic benefits.  These forest are managed responsibly with the environment in mind when it comes to harvesting.

The quality of the products coming from the craftsman in Poland has been flawless.  The products are weather resistant, durable and beautiful.  They are enthusiastic about working with us and we are looking forward to future development of new products.

Here are a few photos from the trip!  Enjoy!DSCF1288 DSCF1410 IMG_3978 IMG_3987 DSCF1358IMG_4006

EARTH DAY: Quality That Goes Green

barbadosmain2The most comfortable hammock on the market, AND it’s good for the environment? Sign me up!

As Earth Day once again rolls around here (April 22, for those of you scoring at home), we’re reminded of the story of the Barbados hammock and one of its most important characteristics. Not only is the Barbados our signature Brazilian hammock — in seven unique and vibrant color options — but it’s what it’s made from that really sets apart.

Our Brazilian hammocks — including the Barbados, Paradiso and Gigante hammocks, as well as the Brazil Hammock Chairs — are all made from 85% recycled cotton fiber. It’s not just about being green or giving back to the environment, despite both being noble concepts and the right things to do. It’s actually a significant part of why our Brazilian hammocks are as “comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.” Continue reading

10 Things You Didn’t Realize About Hammocks

Traveller XXL 3-LDespite Punxsutawney Phil having told us that spring is still quite a ways off in the distance, we’re not buying it. Not at all. If the calendar hanging over your desk says it’s March, then doggone it, it’s March and warm spring sunshine can’t be far off.

(No need to turn on The Weather Channel. Just take our word for it.)

So as you start rummaging through your backyard summertime gear, seeing what you need and what you don’t (Lawn darts? Seriously?), it’s time to get that hammock you’ve been wanting.


Glad you asked: Here’s 10 reasons you want a Byer of Maine hammock from Amazonas: Continue reading